Open for brunch, lunch and dinner
Dress Code: Semi-Casual

Tulum is a rooftop restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city skyline. Drawing its inspiration from the Mexican getaway destination by the same name, Tulum is curated as a superfluous, green and vernacular oasis. It serves a Modern European and a Traditional Pizza Culinaire. Tulum intends to provide people a place to enjoy conversations over gourmet food and delicious cocktails under the stars, all the while tapping to some chill lounge music.


Open for lunch and dinner
Dress Code: Formal

This venture is inspired from a time when eating out was a delicacy, drinking was a connoisseur’s game, hospitality was an art, and conversations were a must for a good night out. Be transported to a beautiful escape that also feels like home. It serves a variety of signature cocktails that redefines the art of mixology, along with a curated range of delicious food. Fondly known as TBR, this place boasts an indoor as well as outdoor seating experience


Open for deliveries, takeaway and in-room dining

This is what culinary excellence looks and tastes like. Benares brings you the authentic taste that lingers on your tastebuds and satisfies your senses. The Home Kitchen is available for you to savor while you stay in at Hotel, and for local deliveries and takeaways

Tintin, a Modern Asian Delight COMING SOON !